The effect of sandbar breaches on the Alexander estuary biogeochemistry

In regions when the coastline and the tidal range is low, a sandbar that limits the sea-estuary water exchange is formed in many cases.  Previous findings at the Alexander estuary have shown high level of anoxia, mostly in the deep saltier water. In this study, The Israeli center for estuarine research tested how changes in […]

Environmental effect of pharmaceutical in the Alexander estuar

Micro-estuaries are water bodies with a surface area lower than one square kilometer which are common in Mediterranean climate regions. As a result of their limited area these ecosystems are sensitive to external influences one such possible influence is chemical pollution by pharmaceuticals. The variable nature flow regimes which is composed of low base flows […]

pesticides effect in Alexander estuary

Pesticides that are advected from urban and agricultural regions to streams and other water bodies in the natural environment might deteriorate the health of ecosystems.The pasticides might become environmentally toxic in very low concentrations depending on the toxic characteristics of each substance and the combined toxicity of pesticides found in the specific ecosystem. Within the […]

Sandbar manipulation as a tool to increase bottom water oxygen concentration

An experiment we conducted show that sandbar breaching in order to enable seawater to enter the estuary increases nottom water oxygen concentration which supports more diverse ecosystem, but the increase is too short lived and the sandbar retains it original shapes within hours. the possibility of long term maintanence of the sandbar should be examined […]