Monthly sampling campaigns

Samples in estuaries of coastal streams

Within the Israeli center of estuarine research different parameters of the estuarine environment are sampled in three estuaries once per month. The timing of sampling campaigns are described in the table below, which also includes links to data tables in the form of google sheets. The structure of the tables is suitable to be imported to ODV.

In order to identify the effect of the estuary outfall on the marine environment, a weekly sampling campaign is conducted in front of the Israeli faculty of marine sciences, at the Ruppin marine station in bottom depths of 11 and 48 meters. The results of those sampling campaigns in an ODV ready format are also contained in a google sheet (table below).

To download the data press the estuary name on the table below and then from google sheets use file>download as>CSV.

The protocols we use at IERC were adjusted for the Israeli eutriphied environment. the protocol book is devided to two sections, estuarine and marine sampling and analysis. Each section contains the description of the sampling and laboratory analysis methods. 

The protocols (in Hebrew) can be downloaded by using this link 

Link to view Ruppin Marine Station data

ODV is a free software which became the norm in marine data analysis. Directions on using text files are given in the following video

Working protocol

Data on this website are freely available for education, research, and public advocacy. When using the data, please cite:

Suari, Yair, Ayelet Dadon-Pilosof, Tal Sade, Tal Amit, Merav Gilboa, Sarig Gafny, Tom Topaz, Hadar Zedaka, Shira Boneh, and Gitai Yahel. “A long term physical and biogeochemical database of a hyper-eutrophicated Mediterranean micro-estuary.” Data in brief 27 (2019): 104809.

Any commercial use of the data is strictly forbidden unless a written permission has been secured in advance by us.